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August 29 2017

5 Simple Tips to Lose Belly Fat
These 5 simple tips for slimming and losing belly involve only changes in habits and can help eliminate up to 2 kg per month. But you must follow these guidelines daily and do not become anxious, climbing the scales every day to see if you have lost weight or gained weight.
The ideal is to weigh only once a week, always at the same time and take into consideration if you are in the menstrual period because this week is normal to be a little more swollen, which reflects in the balance.
Put your data here and know what your ideal weight is:
The tips are listed in order of importance, starting with:
1. Have regular eating times
Your body has to learn how to sleep, wake up and eat. This will make it work better, it will prevent frequent hunger and the nightly go to the refrigerator, which are the most fattening. In addition, resting at least 7 hours a night gives you the courage to keep your appointments, exercise more, and resist temptations.
So try putting an alarm on your cell phone to play every 3 hours so you can eat something and so do not get hungry. Preferring foods with low glycemic index helps you not to get hungry after eating only 1 pear, for example. See the most indicated foods by clicking here.
2. Drink plenty of fluids during the day
You should drink plenty of fluids between meals as this will help reduce hunger and fluid retention because the more water you drink, the more urine your body produces, and the elimination of toxins that are harmful blogofweightloss.wordpress.com to weight loss.
What's left: water, coconut water, natural juices without sugar, teas without sugar;
What comes out: soft drinks, box juice, chocolate and alcoholic beverages.
Liquids should be ingested preferably up to half an hour before and after meals. The amount of recommended water required varies between 1.5 and 2 liters per day. If you have difficulty drinking water see how to drink 2 liters of water per day by clicking here.
3. Do some physical exercise
The type of exercise is not the most important, but rather take every chance to burn calories whenever possible. It is important that you practice an activity at least 3 times a week, see a very easy exercise that lasts a few minutes and leaves the belly hard on: How to do hipopressive abdominals to lose belly. In addition, some activities and daily choices can make all the difference, so try:
Climb stairs instead of using the elevator;
Go down one stop before work or school and walk the rest of the way;
Go out for a 10 min stroll after lunch;
Take the dog for a walk in the evening.
To increase energy expenditure, try taking walks of at least 30 minutes, 3 times a week, as this is one of the best physical exercise to lose weight, but also do some resistance exercises to complement the workout.
4. Eat everything, but in moderation
The body needs all the nutrients and diets that prohibit carbohydrates cause the weight to increase again shortly thereafter. So, the best tips are:
Prefer skim milk and dairy products;
Add seeds in juices and yogurts, such as flaxseed and chia;
Eat 3 nuts or 3 peanuts a day;
Choose only one carbohydrate source per meal: cookies with no filling or bread for snacks; Rice, potatoes or pasta for lunch or dinner;
Eat raw salad before lunch and dinner;
Eat at least 3 fruits per day.
Even in small amounts during the day, fruits and vegetables provide plenty of fiber and vitamins and is therefore a source of health and helps to lose weight and lose belly. Here's how to shop healthy at the grocery store and keep dieting.
5. Do not get hungry
Making small meals every 3 hours may seem exaggerated, but it is certain that hunger does not appear. In this way, the portions of food, gradually, decrease and weight as well. Follow the tips:
Put reminders on the cell phone or in the calendar telling you time to eat;
Always have chestnuts, fresh fruits or dried fruit in the bag as easy snacks even on the street;
The best snacks are: 1 fruit + 5 cookies without stuffing or 1 skimmed yogurt + 1 whole wheat bread with butter.
Going without food causes your body to save calories by spending less than it should and turning every extra food into a store of fat.
See more tips for not getting hungry in the following video:
How to lose weight with health
If it seems that weight loss is very difficult, it may be important to see an endocrinologist to see if the thyroid gland is working as it should. In addition, a nutritionist, or medical nutrologist, can be consulted to establish customized dietary rules and thus be simpler to comply with. Added to that, it's great to have someone else on the team, cheering and getting results.
In cases where there is a health problem, such as gastritis, asthma, osteoporosis, or even just a limitation of mobility, the advice and advice of physicians, to reconcile diet with the use of medication and with adequate adaptation to the disease, is fundamental So that it is possible to lose weight improving the quality of life, not the other way around.
To get better results in training and to lose weight faster, see 7 goodies that spoil the day 1 hour of training.

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